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The Degerö boat yard was founded in 1980 by Risto Kristeri and Seppo Mäkelä. “Before this I had worked in two boat yards, which gave me over 20 years of experience in boat building. Without this experience I wouldn’t have had the courage to start a business of my own, although I had been thinking of it for a long time.”, says Risto Kristeri.
The co-founder, Seppo Mäkelä, had a solid experience too – he is responsible for the quality of the company’s glass fibre works; while Risto Kristeri focuses more on woodwork and takes care of the company’s administration and marketing.
“Our goal was to create fine, high quality sailing yachts, hand crafted from beginning to end, using the best materials available.”  Risto Kristeri describes.
These two men wanted also to make boats people would enjoy spend time in – whether at sea or in harbour – and developed the design and specifications with this in mind. Both Risto and Seppo are still active in the company. Their success is reflected in the attention to detail, crystallizing in each new boat even more than before.
At present we make 4-6 new boats a year. In addition, we restore and repair boats.
The oldest of our models still in production is the Degerö 28 MS, designed by Risto and Seppo in person. This model made through the whole existence of the boat yard continues to be demanded by clients. D-28 MS is enjoyable to sail and offers comfort difficult to find in other boats of the same size. “With its easily distinguishable round stern, generous width and elegant linear form, D-28 MS is an attractive and determined boat”, Risto Kristeri depicts.
Equipped with a long keel, it is a well-behaved cruising boat making the crew’s job easier on open waters. Thanks to the elevated pilot house, the interior is commodious and light. The functionality of the interior is topped off with five berths in two cabins, plenty of storage and a practical galley.
“Our largest boat is a 38 feet beauty of the seas”, says Kristeri.


Degerö 28 was the yard’s only model until 1985, when the first D-35 S was built. This boat was designed by the Swede Håkan Södergren. The D-35 S has a long fin keel, a skeg-supported steel wheel, wide side-decks and an open front deck as well as a comfortable and safe steering and navigation station. These features, together with the boat’s strong structure, enable its use in open sea conditions. The interior style is traditional and comprises six berths in three cabins, a galley, a sloped chart near the deck stairs and the possibility to choose between mahogany and teak”, says Kristeri.
The first Degerö 33 S was built in 1992. It is base on the hull of Degerö 33 DS, but has a windscreen instead of an internal navigation station. It is 9,95 metres long and 3,30 metres wide. Its draught is 1,55 and displacement 2000 kg. The sail area of the 33 S is 60 square metres.
“33 S and 35 S upgraded our boat yard to a new class”, says Risto Kristeri.
In 1990, the first 331 DS was built, designed by a renowned Finnish boat designer Hans Groop. “The 331 DS offers the comfort of a deck salon installed in the hull of a sail boat and the boat is easy to handle thanks to its lead keel and balanced steering wheel. The open area at the stern is both safe and functional, owing to wheel steering, self-tailing winches and many other standard features, explains Kristeri. Under its deck, the 331 is very well equipped. Its 5/6 berths, skilful and beautiful carpentry and luxurious upholstery create an inviting and functional interior. The 331 is available equipped with an extended stern and doorway, together with the 33 S.


The first Degerö 36 DS was completed in 2004. It shares the hull type with 35 S and was also designed by Håkan Södergren.
The 36 DS has the advantages of a raised saloon and an internal steering and navigation station, attached to a solid 35 S open sea hull. This boat has the same interior solutions as the 33 and 38 feet models: 5/6 berths, internal navigation/steering station and raised saloon. On the outside, the boat is a perfect open sea vessel down to the last detail. The eaved cabin roof fits well in the whole.
The standard engine for 36 DS is often Volvo Penta (29 kW), which is a reliable choice for other Degerö models as well. It is however, up to the client to decide which engine will be installed in his boat. It is interesting to note that in some of our latest installing projects the client has asked a fuel engine to be replaced by an electrical option. One case involved installing a 6 kW Silette propeller.
“An electrical engine costs twice as much as a traditional fuel engine, but many clients are very environmentally conscious these days.”


Degerö boats have been exported to Denmark, Germany, Japan, Norway and last to France and Sweden.
“We have representatives in several countries. We also take part in boat shows, e.g. in Hamburg, Stockholm and Yokohama.”

Risto Kristeri, history